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The Shepherd of All his Sheep

Good Shepherd

Brothers, today is "Good Shepherd Sunday", with its wonderful image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. We were thinking it would be a great day to preach on the sanctity of all life, from conception to natural death. A tack you could take in your preaching would be to emphasize that Jesus is shepherd to all people, that he loves all of his sheep. The reading reminds us that the sheep know the voice of their shepherd and follow him. In the included preaching, Patrick Baikauskas asks us to question if we really listen to the voice of Jesus. Jesus sometimes corrects us and reprimands us, but still we need to listen his voice rather than any of the other myriad of voices in the world if we profess that Jesus is our shepherd.

This can easily be extended into protection of life for the most vulnerable: the unborn, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. These are all sheep of God's flock, whom he watches over and leads to green pastures. Is Jesus our Shepherd, or do we actually listen to some other voice?

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Peace and Security for All Life

We extol the dignity of every human life, made in God’s image, a truth revealed in Genesis. To live that truth we take a stand, by preaching and action, against all threats to human well-being. “The joys and the hopes, the griefs and the anxieties” of all people – of those threatened by war abroad or gun violence at home, of prisoners, of the sick, of children in the womb, of mothers in crisis – these too are our “joys and hopes…griefs and anxieties.” (Cf. Gaudium et Spes §1)

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