Preaching Justice in the Easter Season

Resurrected to a New Life of Justice

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Fr. Brendan Curran, OP

What does it mean to be a resurrected people? This Easter Season, starting with the second sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday, the province's Commission for Justice and Peace is going to help us explore this question. We are going to offer you each week an example homily based on the readings of that week that touches on an important theme of justice, along with other resources of the Church that will help you to preach about this issue.

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Predicando justicia en la temporada de Pascuasad

Certainly, if we are a resurrected people, then we live justly and work to make our world more just. These are difficult times, but this pandemic shows us just how connected we all are one to another. This is a time to think about our society and whether or not it is fashioned after the teachings of Jesus.

The topics for each week are the following:

These themes are developed from our six major priority areas of our US and Canadian region of the Dominican Family. You can find a downloadable copy below.